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Monday, July 4, 2011

Toot toot!! Resume the Commute!!

Tomorrow I start commuting to work again.  15 miles each way.  30 miles round trip.

I've been off the bicycle for 6 weeks now; I've put on weight.  I'm getting that out-of-breath feeling of pre-biking days; obviously my blood pressure is creeping back up.  Stay off the bicycle long enough and I start reverting to the out-of-shape sack o' @##$% that I used to be.  Sad.  It doesn't take long, that's for sure.

Fixing the bicycle was easy.  I re-positioned the left brake lever that had been knocked out of whack.  I re-adjusted the brakes.  I re-taped the left handlebar.  I unbent the kinks in the rear fender stay.  I think tonight I'll add a couple drops of oil to the chain. Tomorrow morning before I leave I'll pump up the tires. 

For tomorrow's ride I intend to take it easy.  No point in overdoing it and re-injuring myself.  Already, though, I'm thinking of a camping trip at the beach.  Maybe Carlsbad.  We shall see...

For that matter inland parks like Kumeyaay or Sweetwater could be fun in this hot muggy weather.  Not so much the sweaty ride but rather sleeping without the rain cover on the tent allowing me to enjoy the stars (without worrying about the bugs) while being cooled by a breeze.  Heaven!

Happy 4th, everyone!!