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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Kind of Person Enjoys Bicycle Camping?

I've fallen out of sync since my last trip and I didn't bicycle camp during May or July which is a shame because I want to adhere to a at-least-one-bike-camping-trip-per-month standard.  So August it is!  But, back to my point.

Well, just about anyone can enjoy bicycle camping.  That question answers itself.

No, the point to this little essay is really a rhetorical question posed by other campers at the park.  Most campers have RVs and trailers, or are at least tent campers who arrive by car.  Bicycle campers are on the lowest rung of the campground social  hierarchy and people will often look at you with that quizzical expression: what kind of person enjoys bicycle camping?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Groups hope to take over local state parks

Budget cuts target Palomar, San Pasqual for closure next year - 

— There is growing community interest in acquiring the keys to two parks in San Diego County that the governor plans to padlock next year.

Organized groups have launched preliminary talks with state parks officials with hopes of saving Palomar Mountain and San Pasqual Battlefield parks if pending legislation passes to permit nonprofits to take over campgrounds, museums and forests. ...

“Palomar is just a very special place of paradise ... It’s a park that offers a lot of natural wonders for families,” said John Summers, a Los Angeles resident who grew up on the mountain and plans to retire there. ...