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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Upcoming Bicycle Camping Trip

I've already made my reservations for two locations.

On April 6 (a Wednesday) I'll be at Lake Jennings Campground just to the east of El Cajon.  I plan to ride to work that morning in Kearny Mesa (15 miles) and that afternoon ride out to the campground (20 miles) and thus, my first day's mileage will be 35 miles.  Nice and easy; I don't anticipate a difficult ride and thus far it seems the weather will be nice.

The route from work to Lake Jennings:

On the morning of April 7 (Thursday) I'll leave Lake Jennings and proceed to Green Valley Falls campground in the Cuyamacas, a distance of some 25 miles.  Green Valley Falls will be the furthest from home I've ridden on a bicycle camping trip and I'm looking forward to it.  This particular leg of my trip, although not especially long, will be mostly uphill - including a stretch on the Interstate 8 freeway - and so I anticipate I'll be thoroughly pooped when I finally come pedaling into camp.

The route from Lake Jennings to Green Valley Falls:

Friday I plan on riding home to National City. Since the route from Green Valley Falls to National City includes long downhill stretches (lots of coasting... wheeee!!) I don't expect any difficulty.  This last ride will be about 50 miles.  Thus, my overall mileage for this trip will be around 110 miles.  Not a lot of distance but it does include some significant hills.

Stayed tuned, fellow bicycle campers.

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