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Friday, May 13, 2011

Back in the Saddle; How They Do Things in Italy

My wife returned from Italy Wednesday and Thursday (yesterday) I was back in the bicycle saddle and commuting to work once more.

Man, a week and a half off the bike.  It doesn't take long before you feel pretty out of shape.  Of course it doesn't help that when I'm living by myself I subsist on sandwiches and other hi-calorie/hi-carbohydrate crap.  Note to self: improve diet!!

My wife brought home a ton of pictures of Italy.  Right off the bat I noticed the following

Bicycle rentals in Milan.  You rent at one station and drop it off at the station nearest your destination.  Excellent idea!  Could you imagine how nice such a system would be for San Diego?

Here a gentleman proceeds on his way to do his shopping.  He drops off the groceries at home and then deposits the bike at the station across the street from his home.  Simplicity in motion, people.  [Note: I'm being a little facetious because obviously he isn't riding a rental bike.  But imagine he was... ]
 Italy is such a picturesque place that it seems impossible to take a bad picture.  Here's one from Venice:

What a great shot of Venice!  Almost looks like a postcard.
 Very nice.  Anyway... next Thursday I'm off: Dos Picos; Wm Heise; Potrero.  Stayed tuned, fellow bicycle campers!

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