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Sunday, May 29, 2011

San Diego Noir

Just read about it in this morning's paper in the Books section (not much of a section in comparison to a couple of years ago but... you make do with whatever you make do with...).  I haven't even read one story from it yet.  I just now downloaded the book into my Kindle.

This is a book of mystery stories all taking place in San Diego.  The editor is a co-owner of Mysterious Galaxy bookstore.  In her intro she makes references to Raymond Chandler, Joseph Wambaugh (both of whom lived in San Diego; Chandler is buried at Mount Hope - as I understand it), and several spectacular murder cases marring the history of this wonderful city.

Yeah, nothing to do with bicycle camping.  But it does concern San Diego.  Since I'm off the bike until July 2 reading the book gives me something to do.

Can't recommend the book until I read it... but I do recommend the premise.  Anything San Diego-oriented is A-OKay in my book!!  (Pun intended).

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