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Monday, May 23, 2011

Knocked Unconscious in Campo

If you've been following this blog you know I left Thursday (May 19) for a 3 day bicycle camping trip.

Thursday, Dos Picos near Ramona.  Wonderful spot.  Enjoyable... except for my sleep being disturbed by the possum from hell.  But more on that in a later post.

Friday, Wm Heise near Julian.  Happening campground; loved it!!

Saturday, not such a great day.  Problem #1: the decision to travel 62 miles from Julian to Potrero while pulling 50 pounds of camping gear.  Problem #2: the decision to include a ride over the Sunrise Highway as part of that 62 mile trip.

The Sunrise Highway involves a lot of intense climbing.  I wasn't ready for that... especially while lugging all that gear.  When I finally got to low ground and proceeded along Buckman Springs Rd. I was exhausted.  I wasn't as careful as I should be and I hit sand and crashed.  And knocked myself unconscious.

When I woke up 2 wonderful gentleman were directing traffic around me since I was sprawled in the road.  They'd called 911, and presently I was loaded into an ambulance.  At the Campo fire station I was put into a life-flight helicopter and whisked to Sharps Kearny Mesa.  There I stayed until today, Monday, May 23.

Cat scans showed bleeding from the brain.  When released, I was prohibited from riding the bicycle for 6 weeks.  That is the true cost of such bad decision-making.  No bike-camping, no bike-commuting, no bike-anything for 6 weeks.  That hurts.

The bicycle and my gear are still at the Campo fire station.

What a bummer.  I was having such a good time.


  1. Whoa Craig, these are not the kind of reports I like to hear about your adventures. Hope you are doing better. Looks as if you'll be doing a bit of forced rest & relaxation. A good time to dive into that new 8 string maybe?

  2. My thoughts exactly. Just opened the box today. Identical to the Gold Tone 6 string but with the addition of 2 more strings. Plus it has the metal-button Klusons as opposed to the plastic-button ones... which I suppose is an improvement. Still I'm stuck with a fretboard that only indicates up to the 19th fret... what a pain for those 2 octave phrases. But, oh well, at that price a true bargain. Haven't plugged it in yet.