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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picking Up the Thread...

Today my wife drove me in the Jeep out to Campo, where we picked up my bike and gear from the CalFire Station.  In addition to being told by the doctors not to ride a bicycle for 6 weeks, I'm also not supposed to drive a car (danger of blackouts).  Since I want to keep both my medical insurance and driver's license, I'm going to adhere to both conditions.  That doesn't, however, mean I have to like it.

Very little damage to the bike.  I fell on my left side and the left brake lever has been whacked out of position.  The handlebar tape was thoroughly ripped up.  The metal was scuffed up pretty good.  The rear fender is completely tweaked.  But otherwise the bike is fine.

It seems that simply by re-positioning the left brake lever and replacing the bar tape the bike will be good as new.  As for the fenders, I was thinking of removing them for the summer anyway.

In spite of the Ortleib saddlebags being badly abused there isn't one rip or tear in them.  So it appears the bike and my gear survived the accident better than I did.

Among other things I recovered my camera and the pictures I took during the course of this last trip.  Stay tuned.

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