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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cats and Campgrounds

My wife and her sister are out-of-country for the next week and a half.  Whenever they head off somewhere I get cat-sitting duty.  We have 2 of the brattiest/sweetest kitties you can imagine. 

Our previous 2 cats were outdoor cats... well, they started as alley cats that "adopted" us... and after 15 wonderful years of their company one suddenly died of FIV (horrible disease).  The other was healthy all his life and we lost him about a year and a half later to old age. We're taking no chances with our current 2 cats.  They are strictly indoor pets.  Much as I feel sorry for their constrained lives it's better for them and us that they not be exposed to other cats or diseases.

Here's Pokemon showing us how adorable he can be...

...but here's his "younger brother" Picachu showing all of us how to do adorable!  This one-upmanship isn't lost on Pokey, let me assure you.

The point to these loveable-cat-photos is that I'm out of commission for the next week and a half.  After that, sometime in May, I'm seriously considering doing a 4 day camping trip: Dos Picos (Ramona), Wm. Heise (Julian), Mt. Laguna campground, and Potrero (near Tecate).

The difficulty is in scheduling... not all campgrounds have available spots on subsequent days.  So this 4-days-in-May camping thing is still very much in the early planning stages.

Traveling clockwise, starting at Dos Picos (near Ramona), then to Wm. Heise campground (near Julian), then to Mt. Laguna campground, finally down into the south county to Potrero campground.
Moderate to hard difficulty in the beginning due to the climbs.  From Laguna to Potrero and then home a breeze because it's mostly downhill.

We shall see.

P.S.  Both our cats were adopted from the South Bay Shelter.  A place, incidentally, where my wife and I volunteer every Sunday.  If ever you find yourself thinking how nice it would be to have a cat around I encourage you enough to visit your local shelter.  I've never met a genuinely mean cat; and most the little guys and gals are incredibly sweet and friendly.  We don't adopt them - they adopt us!  We're their companions for life... and my wife and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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