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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lake Jennings Park & Campground

Lake Jennings Park & Campground
10108 Bass Rd.
Lakeside, CA 92040

Use Fee: 25.00
Reservation Fee: 8.00
Total Charge: 33.00
Note: Lake Jennings Campground does NOT offer a hike 'n bike rate.

Nice little spot with a gorgeous view of the lake.

After packing the bicycle on Tuesday and being sure everything was secure, Wednesday I took off for my normal ride to work.  The one thing I like about working in Kearny Mesa is that it's centrally located... anywhere I want to go afterward is usually within a reasonable radius.

Today I intended to head out for Lake Jennings Campground.  Having finished everything I needed to do at work by around 2:30 p.m. I was on my way.

I rode east on Clairemont Mesa Blvd over the 15, and then turned north on Santos Rd. in Tierrasanta.  In short order I was on the overpass crossing the 52.

Bicyclists can ride lanes segregated from west-bound traffic and go as far as Mast Blvd. in Santee.  The last time I rode this was on a mountain bicycle with upright bars.  It seemed like such a slog that time.  This time with my road bicycle with drop bars it wasn't hard at all.  In no time I was proceeding east on Mast.

Eventually I was on Mapleview and crossing the 67, continuing east.  After a final climb I made a left on Harritt Rd., which in turn took me to Bass Rd. (bass, get it?  'Cause people fish there!)

I liked this little campground right away; it was so nice and homey.  I found my assigned spot and got set up.  Later I sat at the picnic table and enjoyed the panorama of the lake and the surrounding granite hills.  The only thing that set my teeth on edge was somebody... somewhere... had his or her damn radio going.

People, what is the thing with loud radios at campgrounds?  I thought the idea was to enjoy the peace and quiet.  If I want to listen to someone's stinking radio I'll stay home in National City.  Well, more on that subject in a later post.
Bass Road swings alongside the lake before it takes you to the campground.
I went out for some dinner (fast food... I'd been recommended an Italian pizza place but I'm trying to save a buck where I can) and I brought back a quart of beer and a copy of the Reader (since I forgot to bring my Kindle), and enjoyed myself in spite of the damn noise pollution.  The park advises that quiet time begins at 9:00 p.m. and the rangers assure me that is strictly enforced.  I certainly hope so.
Rolling green hills - complete with housing tracts... hmmm... - lead to the lake's edge.

It was past 9:00 but eventually the radio was turned off.  Very peaceful and quiet; I slept like a baby.

The lake is gorgeously tranquil as the sun goes down.  People are friendly.  The rangers are very nice.  This campground is highly recommend.

Bass Rd. entrance to Lake Jennings Campground

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