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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sign ze petition!! Coronado Bridge bicycle lane.

Just learned about this a few moments ago:

(c) Google

"To:  California Department of Transportation / CalTrans This petition is to have the extra automobile lane in the center of the State Route 75 Coronado Bay Bridge to be converted into a pedestrian / bicycle path secured by barriers.

The pedestrian ferry to Coronado Island is not a good option due to scheduling and time length of the voyage.
1) The ferry does not operate all day and night. This causes on to be hesative to shopping or dining the island.
2) The ferry is producing greenhouse unnecessary emissions
3) The ferry requires a fare while crossing the bridge with a greenhouse producing motor vehicle is free of toll.
The Undersigned."

Good points, all.

(Well, the language is a bit juxtaposed... it makes me "hesative" when I read it... but you get the idea).

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