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Friday, April 29, 2011

Upcoming Bicycle Camping Trip (Best Laid Plans...)

In my previous post I announced I intended to undertake a 4-day trip at various campgrounds in San Diego County.  However, despite my best efforts, I was unable to co-ordinate the next availability at Mt. Laguna campground with my schedule.

So I have booked visits at three campgrounds rather than four.

Dos Picos: I've camped here before and I really found it a beautiful location.

May 19 (Thursday): I will arrive at Dos Picos near Ramona.  Nearly 40 miles while fully loaded; lots of climbs... but I've done it before and not a biggie.

May 20 (Friday): I will ride to Wm. Heise campground near Julian.  I predict this day - with all its uphill riding - will be a slog.  Still... I look forward to it.

May 21 (Saturday): I will proceed from Wm. Heise to Potrero near Tecate.  I predict this day will be somewhat easier than the previous day because there are some downhill sections.  Still, it's a long ride from Julian to Tecate... nearly 62 miles.  So this is going to be a tough day regardless of the grade.  I expect to be plenty pooped when I ride into Potrero campground.

May 22 (Sunday): I ride from Potrero campground to home in National City.  Only 40 miles; mostly downhill riding.  I expect a fun day.

All 3 of the sites I booked are County of San Diego | Parks and Recreation sites.  Each of these non-hookup sites cost $19.00/night plus a $5.00 online reservation fee.  $72.00 for all three nights.  Not bad.  Reasonable.

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  1. Hey Craig,
    Send me an email. Old computer crashed and I lost my email addresses.

    Greg Hughes